Who We Are 

Goldman Advocacy Law, LLC is a new type of law firm that embraces an old ideal: to be the change. Our firm is dedicated to Advocacy, Equity, and Affordability, and we are committed to moving beyond the traditional “thoughts and prayers” and “money talks” mentality that often permeates the legal industry. We believe that we are the change that is needed, and we take a completely different approach to the practice of law.

Our goal at Goldman Advocacy Law is to ensure that our clients feel safe, heard, and valued. We see ourselves as your brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, and we are dedicated to providing a “people first” level of care and attention to each client’s unique situation. Our team brings a wealth of experience in many areas of law, and we are able to provide a compassionate, wrap-around approach to your case.

We recognize that many people are forced to choose between their rights and their finances. That’s why at Goldman Advocacy Law, we strive to guide you through an uncertain situation while keeping your financial well-being in mind. We are not a fancy law firm, and we aim to keep our overhead low so that we can focus on what really matters: helping people afford their rights.

In short, at Goldman Advocacy Law, we believe that everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. We are here to make a positive change in the legal industry, and we are ready to guide you through any legal matter with empathy, understanding, and dedication.

Mission Statement

We believe that everyone has a right to access justice, and we work tirelessly to remove barriers to legal services and promote a more just and equitable society. Through our advocacy efforts, we seek to empower individuals to assert their rights, hold institutions accountable, and create lasting change in their communities.

Why Choose Us?

Client-Centered Approach:

Your well-being is our top priority. We listen, we care, and we craft our services to ensure you feel safe and valued.

Experienced Legal Team:

Our team bring decades of combined experience across various legal fields, offering skilled representation and strategic advice.

Financial Flexibility:

We believe legal services should be accessible to everyone. Our pricing structure is designed to ensure you can afford quality legal representation without compromising your financial health.

Contact Us:

Ready to discuss your legal needs? Contact us today at +1 (508) 377-3726 or visit our office. We are here to help guide you through your legal journey with empathy and expertise.